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    Air Cleaning Systems sells, services and provides equipment and parts for Air Cleaning Systems Smoke Eaters, Dust Collection, Smoke Eaters, Welding Smoke, Smog Hog, Smoke Eater, Smoke Eaters, Fume Collection, Baghouse, Baghouse Maintenance, Baghouse Service, Environmental Booth, Downdraft Tables, Downdraft Table, Welding fume collection, Replacement filters, equipment comparable to brands such as: Smog Hog, Smoke Eater, AAF, Air Flow Systems, United Air Specialist, and more. If you're tired of being treated like just another customer, then please look no further. If you don't see what you need please call us. We offer full installation and service when needed with the air cleaning systems, downdraft tables, dust collection and welding fume collection equipment. We have many years of experience with both Industrial ventilation, Environmental Booth, Baghouse Maintenance, Baghouse Service, Commercial Ventilation applications AAF products and Welding Smoke Fume Collection. Contact us today for more information on our air filtration systems, downdraft tables, dust collection and welding fume collection equipment that are comparable to Smog Hog, Smoke Eater, AAF, etc.  Air Cleaning Systems also provides solutions for hexavalent chromium.  Hexavalent chromium is a by-product of welding stainless steel.  

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Oil & Coolant Mist

Portable Air Cleaners

Replacement Filters
Sheet Metal Design
Soldering, Grinding, Harmful Fumes, Source Capture

Vehicle Exhaust

Welding Smoke
Wet Collectors 


Electrostatic Units

Homes and Hospitals

Kitchen Hood Exhaust 

Media Units
Replacement Filters

Units for Cigarette / Cigar Smoke
Nail Salon Fumes

Soldering, Grinding, Harmful Fumes, Source Capture


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Air Cleaning Systems also sells, services, and provides equipment and parts for air filtration systems comparable to brands such as:

Air Flow Systems
Air Quality

Dust Cat

Smog Hog
Smoke Eater
United Air Specialists


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