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As a leader of industrial welding fume extractors, welding smoke eater extraction systems, welding fume exhaust systems, portable welding fume extractors, Welding smoke and fume removal systems, downdraft tables and dust collectors, We are focused on clean air and worker safety.  Our extensive line of portable and stationary welding fume extractors, welding smoke eaters and welding fume eliminators will provide the right solutions, whatever you needs maybe. Our products provide hazardous smoke and dust extraction during welding, cutting, deburring, laser and plasma cutting, sanding, soldering, brazing or grinding. We offer a wide range of OSHA compliant welding smoke and dust extraction systems to our clients. Our units are designed for a variety of welding applications, including TIG welding, MIG welding, production welding, clean room welding, stick welding, stainless steel welding, and much more. Our units are also designed for wood dust, metal dust, fiberglass, pottery dust, ceramic dust and auto-body shop Bondo dust. Available configurations include portable extractors with self-supportive flex arms, extractors with flexible hose, wall-mounted extractors, and multi-operator extractors. The majority of these welding fume extraction systems are ductless and recirculating; they require no exterior venting or exhaust.

Companies are obliged by law to keep welding fumes in the breathing zone of a welder below a certain limit. As welding smoke is dangerous for people’s health, they should be reduced and/or extracted from the area where welding fume collects. We offer various effective solutions for the extraction of welding fumes and welding smoke utilizing downdraft tables, portable welding fume extraction systems, portable welding fume extractors, dust collectors, portable welding smoke eaters, portable welding smoke extractors, welding booths,  and welding smoke filters.

Nonetheless, welding is perhaps the most common industrial process and necessary anytime the joining of metals is required.  Regardless of the welding equipment type or technology, the simple process of melting metal and filler materials creates poisonous fumes and gases as well as dust.

Different types of welding processes present unique challenges to adequately handle airborne fumes. Robotic welding equipment and other automated welding systems produce a high volume of welding fumes and sparks and need to captured by a robotic welding hood.  Manual stick welding typically produces a high volume of smoke and often requires a self-cleaning fume extractor to avoid overwhelming the filters.

Lighter duty applications like MIG welding generally produce less particulate and light-duty TIG welding generates the least amount of smoke. It is important to not only consider the type of welding process but also the work piece material in order to select the correct filtration media for your application. HEPA filters are recommended for stainless steel welding, Nanofiber filters for Aluminum and parts containing higher levels of Manganese. Polyester filters are appropriate where rust inhibitor, lubricants and coatings create an oily smoke as these filters can be washed in water.

We offer a complete line of welding fume collection machines from compact welding fume extractors to central welding fume filtration systems. We specialize in engineered solutions and our engineering team is experienced in selecting the best equipment and filter media for your particular application. We can present you with detailed technical drawings demonstrating several potential layouts and solutions including costing, installation and start-up expenses.

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